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Mountain Peak

Frequent Asked Questions  

What is Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy?  

Solution-focused hypnotherapy combines psychotherapy and trance to support you to make positive and lasting changes in your life. It is underpinned by the latest in brain and neuroscience research. It is proven to be a highly effective method in supporting many different conditions and focuses on the solution rather than the problem. It is a very forward thinking and positive therapy experience. 

Is Hypnosis safe? 

Hypnotic trance is something that we experience in our daily lives, from  driving in the car or watching the TV, so is a very safe and natural state. It is a state of focused, relaxed attention allowing our sub-conscious mind to take in positive suggestion to bring about change. You will not take in anything you don't wish to and you are in total control at all times. 

Can you make me do something I don't want to do? 

You will be in full control at all times and there will be no mind control or reading of your thoughts. Hypnotherapy is not the same as stage hypnosis so we will not be making you dance around like a chicken or use a pocket watch. 

 What happens if I change my mind about having hypnotherapy? 

That is totally fine. You will find out more in the initial consultation. However, if after a session or two, you feel it's not for you then that is fine. Hypnotherapy is the same as any other therapy, you need to find what works for you. It is the same as counselling or CBT, it works for some and not others. All we ask is that you're honest with us and you let us know

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