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Mountain Peak
Mountain Peak

Client Testimonials 

Absolutely incredible lady, I wasn’t sure what to expect having never experienced any form of hypnotherapy. I run my own business and have a family to take care of so I’m always on the go and I’m never relaxed. And have little time for myself.

I can only explain what I received from Tania as a ‘mind massage’. Simply amazing. Tania’s approach was professional and calming. Such a great experience. Thank you.

I personally cannot recommend Holly Blue Hypnotherapy enough. I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable and supported throughout the process. I had quick replies to my messages and all questions were answered in a professional demeanour. I felt at ease and it was nice to be part of a therapy process that concentrated on the solution and not overwhelmingly concentrating on the cause. Refreshing and successful.

I had my consultation at Holly Blue Hypnotherapy yesterday. Tania was amazing and talked me through each step and how it works. I’ve been having sleep issues for while now and also want to start having a more positive outlook on life. Tania sent over and audio for me to listen to while going to sleep. I’ve never felt so relaxed listening to something. It was so tranquil and relaxing. I’ve had the best nights sleep I’m looking forward to my first session next week. I can highly recommend Tania. Very professional and just an amazing lovely lady.

Holly Blue Hypnotherapy has been such a huge help to me after going through a very difficult period of time in my life, i was not sleeping and was in a very dark place at times.

Tania taught me to make time for 'me' and thats what my sessions did.

In addition, her lovely calming tone helped me feel like I was floating, I was immediately relaxed.

I have slept so much better since!!

Holly blue hypnotherapy has made such a massive impact on my life. Tania has taught me so much already and I’m only 4 sessions in! Such a different approach to anything else Iv ever tried before and it works, focusing on the solution rather than cause. I've now got understanding of how the brain works and how/why we think certain things, Tania has taught me how to relax again, to be kind to myself and that even when your having the worst day where everything is against you to analyse the situation, find the positives and move forward. Thank you Tania I love your sessions they are grounding me and helping me be in the present xxxxxxxxxx (comfiest sofa EVER also I love the warm welcome from Dexter)

Holly Blue hypnotherapy has actually changed my life. I was someone who smoked anywhere between 10-20 fags a day and now i am beyond pleased to say i no longer do that. Thanks to Holly blue i am smoke free and feeling happier then i have in a long while. 1000% recommend this fantastic lady if like myself you want to quit smoking. Looking forward to a much happier and healthier life.

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